Rickie Fowler Recognized For Best Dress

The Bay Hill became the place to flaunt the chick clothes recently, many golfers here used their stylish clothes to pay honor to Arnold Palmer.

Player, Billy Horschel embroidered a small cute umbrella on the collar’s right side; and Charley Hoffman clipped a pin of “Arnie’s Army” at his hat’s left panel, and Tyrrell Hatton also took the umbrella but a big one, on his cap’s bill he embroidered a big umbrella. But, there was one golfer who stood out among all with his sense of style and that was Rickie Fowler.

In the Arnold Palmer Invitational (API), the player Rickie Fowler changed the logo of Puma and replaced it with the beloved umbrella of Arnie’s. Rickie wore his cap prominently in front of the panel, also on the left chest of his polo, and on the belt buckle. The special edition of the Fowler of the event was his shoes. He wore hi-top shoes of special-edition, which was striped with photos that were taken throughout the career of a player in API. And it was not the end, he also featured the signature of Palmer in his Velcro strap, it was laser-engraved.

The fashion sense of Fowler was very different at Bay Hill, unlike his normal outfit where he mixes the modest outfits with some louder options. At Bay Hill, the player did not use any such concept was used. During the entire competition, he chose to be in loud colors. Interestingly, Fowler was all comfortable in his new style sense.

With his perfect dressing sense in the entire event, Fowler was the one who was standing out and got the best dress award. To get the complete look on Fowler in API at Bay Hill, one can visit the official site of API or the internet.