Fowler Motivating Other Athletes

Rising golf pro Rickie Fowler impressed everybody once again with his remarkable swing at recently concluded Masters event that concluded with a 12th place for him.

The 26 year old dapper golfer is into a sport, which unlike most of the sports, enables the players to excel even at a late age. Golf legend Jack Nicklaus triumphed at his last Masters after crossing 45. A lot of players from other sports take to golf post retirement to charge up their competitive thirsts.

The interesting news is that Fowler’s golf is now motivating many pro players from other sports genres.

These include Ryan Sheckler (skateboarder), Evan Geiselman (surfer) & Jeremy McGrath (Supercross rider). Then there was Kelly James, the famous musician. All of them joined Rickie recently at Scottsdale TPC for a few rounds of friendly golf. It seemed that the great players who are doing backflips on the bikes & are not afraid to risk giant waves, hold huge respect for this young golfer & his game.

“It is just incredible to watch somebody trying to perfect his craft”, remarked an amazed Sheckler.

‘It was great fun for us as well to come here & join Rickie in his play. He is too good & greatly motivating to the point that a session with him would up the desire in you to come up with better performances on & on. When I watch Fowler playing golf, I feel like getting to skate.”

Definitely, there is some good deal of physical effort here in golf. The pros have to walk all the eighteen holes & one must come up with appropriate back alignment & working bones. However, again, it’s no bodybuilder’s game but a classy sport that demands strategy, technique & deep mental concentration.

“You need to focus on for hours & you should be on point with each shot”, McGrath said.