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Lee Westwood Finds Inspiration From His Parents

Lee Westwood is grateful to his father for taking him to the golf course. Neither his father nor he had ever swung a club but turning to the course of the golf he became hooked. It was only when he turned 19 that he became a pro. But he had a handicap of 12 which was not understandable.

His father very patiently go through his lessons, was with him throughout. According to him it is his mother’s skill that has been bestowed to him. It was the PGA tour where he started his career. His mother gave him golf club set. After 30 years his dream was converted to reality. In October 2010 he reached up to the rank of number one displacing the record of Tiger Woods. In the European Tour he conquered twice the Order of Merit and taken part on eight teams of Rider Cup.  It is apt if he goes to National Pro- Am of the AT&T Pebble Beach.

Westwood with his father shot at the neighborhood of Kilton Forest with 180 and on the third day cleared his birdie which was a first. Pebble Beach is significant for PGA Tour meeting. It is about patience that can acquire rounds within six hours. Two players are pro and amateur each at the Pebble Beach. For him his father has been an immense influence on him. His childhood days were the time when he learnt about the nuances of the sport.

Other players also participated in the PGA Tour at the Pebble Beach. For him the place is a magical one and his best surface where he has found success. It is also his wish that his last course should be played at the Pebble Beach itself. It is a holy place for him.

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This Is It, You Have To Be Bold Now: Adam Scott

It set a record of generosity when Australian golfer Adam Scott who took the green jacket victory lap. He signed every autograph, posed for photos and attended dinner after his win. After clinching his win against Angel Cabrera, he said, “I am proud to be an Australian and we are a nation that always does well in sports. May be golf is not the biggest game of our country but we many great golf masters have emerged from Australia. It feels great to be the Aussie to win this masters tournament.”

The Sunday when the masters trophy came to Scott, he said, “I was very shaky with my speed and control. I was incredibly short in the front nine. But at the same time, I spoke to myself and said, this is it, you have to be bold now.” After clinching the masters title last season Scott improved his world ranking from spot 7 to 3. Then after the PGA championship his ranking even improved and it became number 2. Now experts believe that Adam Scott, if continues to put attractive show as he generally does since he came, then he can even take the numero uno spot with the season round the corner.

Golf expert Will Gray, in this Twitter account has tweeted about Adam Scott. He said, “A two-way tie or something better is expected from Adam Scott in the masters if he wants to overcome the Tiger at the top spot in the world ranking.”

On the other hand experts also say that there will be a tough competition between Rory McIllroy and Adam Scott in the masters as the both the golfers are having single digits. Now it’s time to see who smiles till the end, Rory or Scott.